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    What are acoustic panels?

    Acoustic panels are made of material that absorbs sound waves. Acoustic panels can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall and are available in different versions.


    What are the most effective acoustic panels?

    The most effective acoustic panels are ceiling panels or elements and wall panels. All acoustic panels have good sound-absorbing properties.

    Ceiling panels

    Ceiling panels are acoustic panels that are mounted directly onto the ceiling. The ceiling is a large, reflective surface spanning the entire space. Also, in most cases, the ceiling is still an unused surface, which is often not the case for a wall, for example, if there is a window or cabinet against the wall.

    How is the sound absorbed?

    How well the sound waves are absorbed depends on the thickness and material of the ceiling panels.EASYceiling Direct is 40 mm thick and is made of high-pressure glass wool. The product absorbs sound waves perfectly thanks to its thickness and material.

    Usually, a ceiling is white and a white acoustic ceiling panel is chosen. This makes the panel blend in with the room. But it is also possible to opt for a solution that stands out more, such as a ceiling panel in a different colour. We offer as many as 22 colours!

    Wall panels

    Wall panels are acoustic panels that are mounted on the wall. The wall panels from EASY Noise Control with the best sound-absorbing properties are:

    • EASYphoto
    • EASYultra

    These wall panels are mounted directly on the wall and are available in various designs.

    EASYphoto is an acoustic wall panel with, as the name suggests, a photo on it. This photo can be supplied by yourself. As long as the resolution is high enough, any photo can be printed on the canvas. The nice thing about this wall panel is that you can give it a personal touch.

    EASYultra is a wall panel available in 14 colours with 3 types of frames. This product is also sold in a set: the EASYultra set. This is a set of four wall panels and is available in 12 colour combinations. Aesthetically, this is a very nice way to improve room acoustics.

    Would you like to know more about acoustic panels or would you like to find out which solution best suits your space? Please feel free to contact us!