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    How do you mount the EASYphoto acoustic photo panel?

    One of our best-selling products is acoustic painting. The range of this varies considerably, from your own photo or design to our standard designs such as abstract shapes, our Old Masters series, images of animals and many more original designs.


    How do you mount the EASYphoto acoustic photo panel?

    Tips and tricks

    The EASYphoto products are sent as a do-it-yourself package. In the do-it-yourself package, you will find the profiles for the frame, self-adhesive Velcro strips, the acoustic wool and the acoustic canvas. Plugs and screws are not included.

    The installation of the acoustic photo panel is simple and also very easy to do for the less experienced handyman. With our latest montage video at hand, you can't go wrong. Here, our fitter Gudo takes you step-by-step through preparing and hanging a photo panel. Watch the video below: