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    How do I reduce the reverberation in my house?

    How do I reduce the reverberation in my house?

    How does reverberation occur in my home? And how do I reduce the reverberations in my house? We receive questions about reverberation on a weekly basis, and we gladly answer them in this blog.


    Fotopaneel en plafondeiland woning - akoestiek woonkamer verbeteren

    For good acoustics in the house, it is important that a lot of sound is absorbed and that little sound be reflected. This is completely dependent on the materials in the room. With smooth and hard materials, the sound is mainly reflected. It is precisely in these cases that reverberation and thus poor acoustics often occur. Hard surfaces include materials such as wood, glass, stone, or screed. And these just so happen to be interior trends: very stylish, but these can cause reverberation in the house.

    Luckily, this can be remedied! Reverberation in the house can be reduced by adding soft and sound-absorbing materials. First, it helps by furnishing your home with fabric furniture, a rug, or curtains. However, this is often not enough to completely get rid of the annoying reverberation. Then adding sound-absorbing materials offers the solution. These can be acoustic solutions for the ceiling, the wall or individual elements that you place in the room. Consider, for example, ceiling panels, ceiling elements, wall panels or partition walls.

    If you want to install sound-absorbing material in your room, it is best to place it as close to the source as possible. The source is where most of the sound transmission takes place. For example, at a dining table, the sofa, or a play corner.

    Here is a great photo of a project where the problem was tackled right at the source. By installing an acoustic frameless ceiling element and an acoustic photo panel, the reverberation in the home has been reduced. This makes having conversations at the dining table pleasant again.

    This frameless ceiling element, EASYceiling Cloud, is one of our ceiling solutions and is available in various sizes and 22 colours. Elements that are already attached to the ceiling, such as lighting and fire alarms, are integrated with the solution or worked around. This ensures that the ceiling element can be added at any desired location.

    The acoustic photo panel, EASYphoto, is an acoustic solution that can be personalised with your own photo or design. For example, choose a nice photo of your family, your four-legged friend or your favourite holiday picture. All photos and designs are possible, as long as the resolution is high enough.

    Would you like to know more about reducing reverberation in your home or find out which solutions are best for your home? Contact one of our acoustic consultants!