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    EASY Noise Control

    How do I insulate the control box of my boat or yacht?

    Increase your boating pleasure and tackle the annoying noises. We supply various insulation materials that are excellent for this and are happy to help you make your choice.


    Isoleren stuurkast boot

    The control box is a hollow space made up of hard, sound-reflecting surfaces. Sounds, for example, caused by moving parts, are thereby amplified and cause noise nuisance. By providing the control box with sound-absorbing materials, these reflections are reduced.

    We recommend EASYfoam PU and EASYfoam FireSeal HR for this application. EASYfoam PU and EASYfoam FireSeal HR have a moisture and oil-resistant top layer.

    Good to know:
    The absorbing foams need large surfaces to absorb the sound well. It is not necessary to provide the entire surface with 100% material. Any recesses, corners, or hard-to-reach places may be omitted.