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    In this blog, we answer all questions about studded foam.


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    What is convoluted foam?

    Convoluted foam is a polyether foam. This foam reduces reverberation in a room.

    What is the difference between EASYfoam NP Plus and EASYfoam NP Premium?

    At EASY Noise Control, we differentiate between EASYfoam NP Plus and Premium. The difference lies in the colour, the stud structure, and the stud pattern. EASYfoam NP Plus is dark grey and EASYfoam NP Premium is anthracite. EASYfoam NP Plus has a medium stud structure and a wavy pattern. With the EASYfoam NP Premium, the stud structure is fine and the pattern is pointed. The main difference between the two types is the luxurious appearance of EASYfoam NP Premium, which has a sleek and beautiful appearance. 

    What thickness of convoluted foam do I need?

    Convoluted foam is available in two thicknesses, 30 mm and 50 mm. You choose the thickness depending on the room in which the convoluted foam will be used. For speech frequencies, 30 mm of foam is very suitable. An application would then be, for example, a home studio where you record your own music. For a lower frequency, a convoluted foam with a thickness of 50 mm is suitable. Applications include your home, garden, and kitchen appliances. Think of a washing machine or speaker. 

    Does convoluted foam help against noise from the neighbours?

    No, convoluted foam does not help against noise from the neighbours. Convoluted foam is a material that absorbs sound. In other words, the material has the ability to absorb sound. This is a property that materials need to improve the acoustics in a room. But to prevent noise from the neighbours, sound insulation is needed. Sound insulation material has the ability to block sound. Convoluted foam does not have this ability. 

    Is convoluted foam oil and moisture resistant?

    No, convoluted foam is not oil and moisture resistant because there is no top layer on it.

    Can convoluted foam be used for a vehicle or vessel?

    If you were to use convoluted foam in a vehicle or vessel, the studs will often get in the way, and prolonged exposure to condensation and heat will slowly decompose the material. That is why convoluted foam is not a good solution for a vehicle or vessel to combat engine noise, for example. We recommend using EASYfoam Fireseal for this.