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    Acoustics in schools

    Speech intelligibility plays a major role in the educational field as it is a place where the transfer of knowledge takes place, where discussions are held and presentations are given. Background noise and reverberation are negatively influencing the speech intelligibility. Good acoustics therefore are an important condition for good education.


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    Noise levels in a classroom

    When the acoustics in a classroom are bad, the noise will reflect through the ceiling and the walls. This results in disruptive echoes. The noise level increases which means teachers (and students) have to raise their voice in order to be heard. This, in turn, leads to an even higher noise level. The interaction between teachers and students is disrupted as a result.


    Both students and teachers experience negative consequences of bad acoustics and a high noise level in the space. A few examples are:

    • Poor intelligibility
    • Fatigue and headache
    • Loss of concentration
    • Higher stress levels and blood pressure
    • Voice problems for teachers

    Acoustic improvements

    It should be determined for every space where acoustic solutions can be placed in order to achieve an optimal result. In many cases, a combination of ceiling and wall solutions is desired. More specific, a noise-absorbing ceiling aimed at the absorption of all speech frequencies, complemented with noise-absorbing wall panels on two adjacent walls.

    This results in an increased productivity and a more enjoyable working atmosphere. Students are able to focus better and as a result, follow the explanation given by the teacher better. This leads to better test results. Teachers are able to perform their work better and as a result, experience less physical complaints and more pleasure in their job.

    Acoustic measurement and advice

    Our advisors are more than happy to visit you at location to provide you with an acoustic advice. An acoustic measurement can be performed if desired. Would you like to make an appointment with one of our advisors or are you looking for more information on this topic, please contact us.