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    Acoustic advice at location

    EASY Noise Control is a full-fledged service provider to improve acoustics. We measure, advise, design, deliver and assemble. To advise you in the field of acoustics, it is possible for us to visit you to provide an acoustic advice at location. A complete project consists of the following steps:


    Getting acquainted and presentation at location

    Following an inventory of the issues by telephone, one of our acoustic specialists visits you at the location. The specialist gives you and possible other interested parties a short presentation about the influence of acoustics on your employees, patients, clients, students or guests and discusses your experiences.

    Investigation and solution

    Based on this initial meeting, we investigate the space(s) concerned on reverberation, reflections and transmission of noise. If relevant, we immediately perform a reverberation time measurement. We also discuss with you the several possible products and solutions based on samples, reference pictures and product documentation.

    Concrete advice & quotation

    Following our visit, you receive a concrete advice on the proper solution and a quotation for the products needed. This quotation is an all-in rate, including assembly if desired.

    Delivery and assembly

    After the assignment, delivery and possibly assembly follows. Our specialised assembly team is equipped with all the tools needed to ensure fast, neat assembly. Would you like more information about a visit at location or are you looking to schedule a visit? Please contact one of our specialists.

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