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    5 steps to better acoustics in your living room

    Do you want to do something about annoying sound reflections or annoying reverberation in your living room? Here are the 5 steps to a good acoustic solution that fits your interior.


    1. Identify the problem

    Noisy conversations, poor sound quality from your hi-fi system or noise from the open kitchen. Or perhaps an audible reverberation. What exactly is the problem? What is the source of the noise? Where is the most disturbance perceived?

    2. Choose the right position

    Poor acoustics are the result of sound reflections from hard walls, floors and/or ceilings. Hard, smooth surfaces act as mirrors for sound. What are the "acoustic mirrors" in your living room? If there were real mirrors, would you be able to see the sound source from where the sound is generated? The closer a reflective surface is to the source or receiver, the more effective it is in providing a sound absorbing solution. Look at walls, ceilings and windows.

    3. Select the product

    Choose a wall panel with an attractive print or discreet white panels on the ceiling. Or perhaps the acoustic curtain appeals to you? Whatever you choose, the products of EASY Noise Control are all acoustically tested and have high-quality sound absorbing properties.

    4. Determine the right size

    Now that the location and the product have been chosen, the correct size must be determined. The greater the distance between the acoustic mirror and the area where noise is perceived, the larger the panel needs to be in order to achieve a significant improvement.

    Is there reverberation and a hollow sound in all or part of the living room? Then a combination of wall and ceiling solutions may be required to achieve the total required area.

    5. Ask for advice from EASY Noise Control

    The chosen products and the numbers in the images are just an example. When in doubt about the correct application and dimensions, you can of course contact us by telephone, email or social media. If you want a detailed advice, we will ask you to send us a floor plan and some photos.

    5 stappen naar een betere akoestiek woonkamer