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    Use acoustic material in your product

    More and more companies are realizing that good acoustics are conducive to concentration, health and comfort. This is confirmed by the fact that more and more companies are using one or more acoustic products.

    EASY Noise Control is a wholesaler for acoustic solutions and supports these companies in development of their acoustic product, with knowledge and appropriate materials. Our materials are used, among other things, in photo walls, furniture, lamps and ceiling systems from various suppliers.

    Acoustic materials

    We have special agreements with companies for the delivery of acoustic products. This can include standard materials that the customer processes himself, or also custom-made products. Most sold products are:

    • Polyester wool
    • Polyurethane foam
    • Melamine foam
    • FireSeal
    • Sound barrier mats
    • Anti-drumming material

    EASYpol polyesterwol