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    Recording studio acoustics

    Good acoustics in a recording studio, sound studio, or live room are essential. Whether it's a live music recording, recording a commercial voiceover, or an audio mix, the acoustics must be on point.

    At the same time, the application of a studio is often different, which must be taken into account in the acoustic design.

    We provide options for customisation as well as standard solutions. We can assist you with both the control room/mixing room and the live room. Feel free to contact us for more tips and tricks!

    Good acoustics in your sound studio

    Four steps

    Whether you're a DJ, radio producer, musician ,or the studio engineer, improving studio acoustics doesn't have to be complicated. With a few simple steps, you can make your sound or recording studio great. With the right acoustic elements, you can get more out of your speakers, equipment, and systems. The sound quality will improve and it will sound like never before. What do you have to bear in mind?


    A home studio needs absorption to reduce reflections and resonance. There are special design studio elements, but studio foams also have a good absorbing capacity.


    The home studio may sound dry for many genres. Diffusers are added to make the room sound more spacious.

    Bass Traps

    Low-frequency sound often accumulates in corners. To dampen these frequencies, bass traps can be installed. These are placed in the corners. Helmholz resonators can also be a solution (in the case of standing waves).

    Sound insulation

    Good sound insulation in your room determines the sound transmission from the inside to the outside and vice versa. With a floating floor, wall and ceiling construction you can create a good enclosed home studio.

    Studio acoustics

    Control/mixing room

    In a control or mixing room, we can create an A=B=C ratio. That means that you create an equilateral triangle between the speakers (often two) and the listening position (1).

    Acoustic panels on the side walls near the listening positions are important for eliminating the initial reflections, as well as on the wall behind the speakers (2).

    By adding absorption on the ceiling above the listening position, as well, ideally combined with carpet, we have now created a "reflection-free zone" (3).

    With bass straps in the corners, you can make low frequencies sound better (4).

    You can also place wall panels on the rear wall. Keep panels from hanging directly opposite other panels. That helps avoid distortions (5).

    With diffusion panels on the side wall, you can add a little more spaciousness (6). This is particularly useful in mixing rooms with two adjacent listening positions (see example).


    Studio acoustics

    Live room

    The acoustics of a live room require customisation and the appropriate steps depend on the music genre and personal preferences.

    In a live room/recording studio, there's a sweet spot for each instrument. Usually these are already known, but sometimes they still need to be identified. For example, it's wise to place a drum set close to a wall that can accomodate a lot of absorption. Keep the drum set from touching the floor with something like a rug. The bass shouldn't be placed too far from here.

    Piano and guitars should be on the other side of the room. Absorbers are usually also placed around them, on the wall behind the amplifiers, for example.

    Install ceiling panels or islands to prevent reflections from the ceiling. You can also install absorbers on the walls, sometimes combined with diffusers and bass traps

    In the photo on the left you will find a possible setup.


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