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    Improving acoustics in hospitals
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    Improving acoustics in hospitals

    Poor acoustics in a hospital affect the health and recovery of patients and the well-being of the people who work there. Good acoustics in a hospital are essential. Sound disturbance can affect patients' rest and sleep and causes fatigue among nurses, doctors and other care workers. Acoustic challenges:

    • Very low reverberation time;

    • Reduced sound level;

    • Acoustic Privacy;

    • Hygiene.

    What is the advantage of good acoustics in hospitals?

    Four benefits

    We often see acoustic problems around and in corridors, waiting rooms, counters, operating rooms, accommodation and the hospital restaurant. Rooms in hospitals are often designed from a hygienic and practical point of view and therefore lack cushioning materials. The right acoustic facilities for each room can be very beneficial within a hospital for the following:

    Faster recovery from better sleep

    Noise is bad for the mood. Processing stimuli costs a lot of energy and is tiring. Research shows that good acoustics lead to better sleep and thus a chance of faster healing.

    Safe and quiet environment

    Disturbing noise can lead to confusing, stressful and anxious situations. Good acoustics promote overview and improve the state of mind of patients and staff.

    Healthier and better performing staff

    Good acoustics also lead to less stress and fatigue for care workers, it also leads to better performance and focus and is therefore very important in the execution of care and operations.

    Speech intelligibility

    Optimal speech intelligibility is important for communication. In conversation with a colleague or caretaker, good understanding should not be an effort.

    The best selling solutions

    For good acoustics in hospitals

    The acoustic solution must comply with modern requirements such as fire safety, impact resistance and hygiene. There are several practical and efficient solutions for improving acoustics.

    • EASYceiling elements

    • EASYceiling panels

    • EASYultra wall panel

    • Suspended ceiling hygiene (on request)