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    Improve sound insulation devices

    In and around the house there are various devices that can cause noise nuisance. A washing machine that makes noise, a refrigerator that hums, a ticking pipe. EASY Noise Control offers several solutions to make these devices quieter. On the different pages you will find the right approach and solution for your machine, device or noise problem at home.

    • Washing machine makes noise;
    • Refrigerator makes noise;
    • Ticking pipe;
    • Insulating heat pump / pool pump;
    • Silent ventilation.

    Making devices quieter

    Home appliances and more

    Noise from a pump or household appliance is annoying. It can cause nuisance not only to you but also to the environment. Various noise problems can be the cause of this. To counteract this, there are special sound-insulating solutions:

    Damping vibration

    Many devices make direct contact with the floor or wall. This causes vibrations. This can easily be solved by vibration isolation.

    Countering airborne noise

    Airborne noise from a pump or device can be absorbed in different ways. Making a casing with the right acoustic materials is most effective.

    Reflections dampening

    The right absorption in the right place to counteract reflections in a casing or room. A sound box in an enclosure is an important part of the sound problem.

    Isolation by mass

    By adding mass in a casing, wall, or around a pipe, you isolate airborne noise. We offer EASYmass for weighting a casing. Also especially for plastic pipes.

    The most popular solutions

    Make devices quieter

    We offer various sound absorbing plates, such as convoluted foam, TC2 and Fireseal. These counteract, among other things, the effect of a sound box. EASYbond vibration insulation is used as a vibration dampener in washing machines and refrigerators. In addition, we offer various acoustic ventilation sets.

    Our specialists will be happy to think along with you to select the right material, so please feel free to contact us. Or chat with one of our employees.

    • FireSeal
    • EASYbond vibration insulation
    • EASYmass pipe insulation

    Request for advice

    Advice on acoustic solutions

    If you would like more information about our acoustic products or their application, you can always call or send us a message. Our acoustic experts will be happy to help you and always know what to do!

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