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    Additional conditions

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    We do our best to answer all requests for advice by telephone, chat or e-mail in a professional manner. This advice is free, non-binding and generic based on our experience and best practice. It is impossible for us to form a complete overview of your specific situation. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the advice we give by telephone, e-mail and/or chat. You have to take the product specifications into account and you are responsible for the application of our products in your specific situation.

    Also, our knowledge is always focused on sound, while often other things are important in the consideration of a product. Ventilation, cooling and heating, but also maximum mechanical load, cleanability and fire behaviour are factors that can be important in your situation. Should these factors (possibly) play a role, we advise you to consult a specialist in this field.

    Product characteristics

    Our products can be used in many ways. It is therefore not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. The client is responsible for testing all product specifications against the standards, guidelines and expectations applicable to the application. Our specialists will be happy to assist you in providing additional information. If in doubt, always consult a specialist or competent authority.

    Application of products in machines, equipment and vehicles

    Our acoustic materials are widely used in the design and production of various types of machines, devices and vehicles. Manufacturers subject the selected materials to an extensive selection and test procedure before including them in the design. The subsequent / aftermarket application of our acoustic materials in machines, devices or vehicles can affect operation, certification and / or (factory) guarantees. We cannot assess this and cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect (consequential) damage, loss of function, expiry of certificates and/or (factory) warranty.