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Acoustic materials for suppliers of building components

We use our extensive range of acoustic materials to support suppliers of building components in the event of acoustic issues. These are suppliers of, among other things:

  • Facades
  • Awning
  • Ventilation
Remco Soeteman
Remco Soeteman
Acoustic specialist

Acoustic materials for suppliers of building components

We offer a variety of professional acoustic solutions for suppliers of building components. These products are suitable to increase the noise insulation value of a product or to reduce the vibrations in a product. In addition, we have noise-absorbing materials that are able to reduce the noise level in the event of a sound box-effect.

Our acoustic specialists are more than happy to assist in applying the appropriate product for your situation.

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Frequently used solutions for suppliers of building components

Increase the noise insulation value or prevent vibrations in your building component? We offer a wide range of noise-insulating and vibration-insulating materials.

Ask the experts

Do you have any doubts about the proper application  of a product? Or would you like to know which acoustic material is most suitable for a specific noise problem? Contact one of our acoustic advisors. They give a practical and targeted advice.

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