Make washing machine quieter

Does your dryer or washing machine make noise? A vibrating washing machine can tremble all over the house.

This is often caused by the washing machine making direct contact with the floor. In other words, there is contact noise.

Airborne noise can also be a problem.If the washing machine is not in an enclosed space, noise can easily move through the house.

Below you will find tips for the sound insulation washing machine or a fridge and dryer. Make your own vibration absorber washing machine with EASYbond.

geluidsisolatie wasmachine

Contact noise

Is your washing machine or refrigerator making noise due to contact with the floor? You want to disconnect your washing machine?

To prevent contact noise, we recommend using the EASYbond product in a thickness of 3 cm.

With this vibration insulation you can create a floating floor on which the washing machine will stand.

Making a vibration damper washing machine:

  1. Make sure that the EASYbond lies on a firm floor or tile (i.e. not directly on a wooden floor).
  2. Place a cover plate on the EASYbond to distribute the weight of the washing machine. This cover plate can consist of a double layer of plywood.

In this way you make a washing machine damper or ''sandwich''. A fairly simple way to counteract contact noise.

Airborne noise

Airborne noise from the washing machine can be prevented by placing the washing machine in an enclosed space. If this is not possible:

Place acoustic material on the wall behind the washing machine. For example EASYfoam Fireseal or AC2 in thickness 40 - 50 mm. These are excellent dampeners for the washing machine. They attenuate direct reflections.

To limit airborne noise as much as possible, we recommend making a casing around the washing machine:

  1. Make a heavy casing with a door that closes and closes well. The heavier the better. For example, use plywood (possibly a double layer).
  2. Make sure there is enough space in the casing and cover the inside of the casing with absorbent material. For this You can also use the EASYfoam AC2.
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The most sold solutions for sound insulation washing machine

Does your washing machine make a lot of noise? Want to make your fridge quieter? Need a washing machine vibration damper? Follow the step-by-step plan above, and order these materials quickly and easily:

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