Noise-insulation in vehicles

Noise in your vehicle can interfere with your driving pleasure. Various sound problems can be the cause of this. To counteract this, there are special acoustic solutions, aimed at, among other things:

  • Reducing driving sound
  • Dampening engine sound
  • Countering vibrations
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Noise-insulation vehicles

EASY Noise Control supplies professional materials and solutions for noise-insulation in cars, campers, Landrover and vans. In addition to acoustic solutions for engine hood insulation and car audio, we also offer solutions aimed at preventing vibrations in the bodywork. In this way the driving sound is improved and your driving pleasure will increase.

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Increase boating pleasure

Noise nuisance in your boat may disrupt your boating pleasure. The nuisance may be caused by several noise problems. In addition to the noise of the engine, the following factors may play a role:

  • Vibrations in the hull
  • The noise of the (bow) thruster
  • Sound box effect in the control box
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Noise insulation boat

EASY Noise Control offers materials and acoustic solutions for noise insulation of boats and yachts. When it comes to boats and yachts, not only the engine room is a point of attention, also the anti-drumming of the hull and the construction of the floors deserve attention.

Do you have a specific question about a noise problem in your boat? Our advisors are more than happy to think along with you in order to improve the noise of your boat.

The best-selling solutions for noise-insulation in vehicles

For vehicles, Easy Noise Control offers acoustical and noise-insulating solutions for a wide range of problems. Don't know which solution best suits your problem? Feel free to contact us!

  • Fireseal
  • EASYdemp
  • EASYfoam AC2

View the full range of acoustic and noise-insulating solutions for vehicles in our webshop.

EASYfoam FireSeal



  • Fire resistant
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Noise-insulating because of the high density (90 kg/m3)
EASYdemp Caraudio


Car audio anti-drumming sheets

  • Set of 5 or 10 sheets
  • Suitable for car audio applications
  • Self-adhesive
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