Improving acoustics in healthcare

Sound in the broadest sense of the word is an important factor for people's well-being. It is well known that high noise levels cause hearing damage, but noise nuisance comes in many more forms.

The acoustics in a building or room affect its users. In healthcare environments, quality of work by care providers and peace and quiet for users is essential for successful service provision.

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Common problems in healthcare

In healthcare, it is usually not the high noise levels that are a cause, but other factors influence the acoustics. Optimal acoustics with attention to reverberation, speech intelligibility, speech privacy, long-range transmission contribute to a better care environment.

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Too much reverberation in the room causes anxiety for users and caregivers. Low reverberation time means a comfortable environment for everyone.

Speech intelligibility

Optimal speech intelligibility is important for communication. In conversation with a colleague or caretaker, good understanding should not be an effort.

Speech Privacy

The reverse of speech intelligibility and applicable to communication within an own group. With good voice privacy, (confidential) conversations are normally made without being 'overheard' outside the group.


Sound from conversations, devices or simply background noise is less amplified in environments with good acoustics and the sound level at greater distances decreases.

The best-selling solutions for good acoustics in healthcare

In general, ceiling and/or wall applications are often chosen that maintain the calm appearance of the hospital or practice. With our EASYphoto wall panels you can supply your own photo or choose an existing photo. For the ceiling elements and ceiling panels there is a range of sixteen colours to choose from

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  • EASYphoto wall panel
  • EASY ceiling panel direct

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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

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Acoustic photo panel

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Improve acoustics in general practices and dental practices

Poor acoustics in waiting rooms can cause tensions for patients. This leads to a feeling of unease that is carried into the consultation room. By improving the acoustics in the waiting room, this tension can be counteracted. Poor acoustics in the consulting room can also contribute to an unpleasant experience.

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