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Grand café-restaurant

In this grand café-restaurant, we installed long acoustic ceiling panels. This solution has resulted in less reverberation, making the acoustics in the room pleasant again for both employees and guests. 

The grand café-restaurant was converted into a large open space, all the partition walls were removed and the bookcases that stood in front of these walls were moved to the side walls of the room. Because of these changes in the space, there was more noise and reverberation.

Acoustic consultant Thomas conducted an acoustic measurement in the grand café-restaurant. After this measurement, it appeared that the reverberation time in the space was indeed on the high side. In consultation with the owner and the interior designer, ceiling elements in line with the lamps were chosen. They were looking for a beautiful and effective solution, which they certainly succeeded in doing with this combination!

Quote from the customer: ''We are very pleased with the end result. It really works acoustically and the panels fit very nicely into the interior''.


Producten in dit project

EASYceiling Cloud - kaderloos plafondeiland

EASYceiling Cloud

Frameless ceiling element

  • Sleek appearance
  • Entirely frameless
  • Including adjustable cable hangers