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Acoustics in industrial hall

This family business is specialised in the transhipment of bulk goods to and from ships by means of hydraulic cranes, unloading ships and crane barges. We were approached by them to do something about the reverberation in their workplace.


In the workplace, the reverberation came from moving motor vehicles, sawing, cutting and welding various parts. This caused a lot of trouble and they wanted to do something about it to create a more pleasant workplace.

The acoustic solution

We always say: to measure is to know! That's why we took a reverberation measurement here, to find out how bad the reverberation was in the room.

In addition, we also measured the room and looked for any obstacles that we needed to take into account. After taking the measurements and entering the data, we arrived at a starting point.

Together with the client, we then looked for a suitable acoustic solution. This resulted in 162 pcs. EASY industrial ceiling islands and 36 pcs. EASY industrial wall panel. These are special ceiling islands for an industrial environment.

EASY akoestische plafondeilanden industrie

EASY akoestische plafondeilanden industrie

Products in this project


EASYindustry Ceiling

Acoustic ceiling element

  • For industrial application
  • Frame made of brute aluminium (not anodized)
  • Different suspension height possible

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If you do not want any uncertainty about choosing the right acoustic solution, we can also provide appropriate advice over the phone. Please contact us for this.

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