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Acoustic photo wall panels in office

The company Alumet, a specialist in treating and colouring aluminium profiles, approached us to fit out their new office. It was clear for them that the acoustics had to be in order from the very first minute of moving in. We discussed the situation and possibilities over the phone and came up with a good solution together.

From this contact, EASYphoto wall-filling panels were preferred. These panels can be made to the nearest centimetre. And the panel has a maximum dimension of 300cm on one side, for the other side there is no limit.

For the conference rooms, EASYphoto acoustic paintings have been placed with dimensions 560 x 250 cm (WxH). For this panel, we have chosen to select photos from, so that the sharpness (DPI) of the photos is in order.

In the office garden, a wall-filling photo panel of 1500 x 250 cm (WxH) has also been chosen. In cooperation with our designer, we chose to place three photos on one panel.

The panels give a wonderful depth effect to the room. The wall-to-wall acoustic photo panels give the office a beautiful appearance and pleasant acoustics.

akoestisch fotopaneel


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Acoustic photo panel

  • Customisation possible
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  • 100% recyclable

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If you do not want any uncertainty about choosing the right acoustic solution, we can also provide appropriate advice over the phone. Please contact us for this.

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