Sound Masking

Together with partner SoftdB Expert, EASY Noise Control offers sound masking systems. Sound masking is a technique that creates an appropriate background noise to enhance concentration and improve speech privacy.

By adding an undetectable background sound to the room, ambient sounds are masked. This makes it ideal for open plan offices that are too quiet.  Or for situations that are too loud. In both situations, it is difficult to concentrate.

In an environment where safeguarding confidential privacy is very important, we apply a ‘sound masking system’. Think of offices where privacy-sensitive information may not become public and secrecy is desirable. Examples are law firms, accountancy firms and financial institutions.

Healthcare institutions also have to deal with high levels of confidentiality. Think of hospitals, nursing homes and practices. In a waiting room it is often so quiet that someone’s private conversation at the counter can be heard too well by others.

Good acoustics and sound masking in a working environment is therefore essential for the performance and well-being of employees.

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Acoustics specialist
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