Acoustic wall panels

Acoustic wall panels are noise-absorbent and improve the acoustics by reducing resonance in a space. After the ceiling, the wall is the surface most used to apply acoustic solutions. Acoustic wall panels are hanging in plain view and are therefore more aesthetic than acoustic ceiling solutions. This is why we offer you an ample choice in designs.

In addition to the standard collection acoustic wall panels, we are also able to compose a customised product to improve the acoustics.

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easy photo


Acoustic photo panel

  • Customisation possible
  • Print of your choice
  • 100% recyclable
from €100,00
EASYpol HD acoustisch wandpaneel

EASYpol HD 25 mm

Acoustic Tiles

  • Freely combine with different 'tiles'
  • Easy to mount with magnets
  • Extra cavity possible
from €40,00
Akoestisch wandpaneel - stootvast


Acoustic wall panels

  • Customisation
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire resistant
from €175,00
EASYfabric Akustik Wandpaneele


Acoustic panels

  • Upholstered tailor-made panels
  • Can be composed completely to your own desire
  • Filling of 100% recyclable polyester wool
from €327,60
EASYpol HD wandpaneel

EASYpol HD 25 mm

Wall panel

  • Also suitable for glass walls
  • Various patterns
  • Lightweight
from €51,00
akoestisch schilderij


Acoustic Photo

  • Choice of 25 standard images
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly effective acoustically
from €156,19
Stootvast en akoestisch wandpaneel
25% discount


EASYultra | Sale

  • Customization possible
  • Impact resistan
  • Fire safe
from €135,00
Baux Pulp - akoestisch wandpaneel



  • 100% biodegradable
  • Fire retardant and water repellent
  • Available per box of 6 pieces
from €127,00
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager
Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist

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If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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Which acoustic panel is best?

All acoustic panels in our product range have good sound-absorbing properties. The wall panels with the best acoustic properties are the EASYphoto photo print, EASYultra acoustic wall panel and EASYfabric sound-absorbing wall panels.

In addition to the acoustic values of these acoustic panels, the design determines which solution is best for you. Of course, we are happy to think along with you about which solution is best for you. We can also advise you on this. Read more about this on our page about improving acoustics in buildings.

Acoustic walls

In addition to acoustic panels and sound-absorbing panels, we also supply complete acoustic walls. Acoustic walls can be constructed with sound absorbing panels. By placing these panels tightly next to each other on the wall, an acoustic wall is created. A frequently used solution for acoustic walls is the EASYphoto Wall – acoustic wall.  With this solution it is possible to provide a complete wall with a very high quality acoustic photo print. The EASYphoto Wall can be provided with a photo or a colour of your choice.

For some applications such as HiFi and Studio it is also possible to create an acoustic wall with acoustic panels. This can be done, for example, with EASYfoam convoluted foam.

Why acoustic panels on the wall?

Hard materials are increasingly being used both in business buildings and at home. This creates an annoying reverberation. To counteract this reverberation, sound-absorbing panels must be installed. These acoustic panels come in many shapes and sizes.

Ideally, you improve the acoustics in a room with a combination of acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic wall panels. Wall panels are particularly effective in smaller and narrow spaces. For business, these acoustic panels are therefore often used in meeting rooms but also directly behind workplaces to counteract annoying reverberation.

Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager

Ask the experts

If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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