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EASY Noise Control offers high-quality acoustic ceiling elements in various colours and sizes under the name EASY ceiling element. The ceiling elements are hung horizontally, so that the surface is turned towards the sound. This results in better sound absorption and the ceiling elements are very effective in improving the acoustics. Thanks to the wide range, there is always a ceiling element that matches your interior. Explore our webshop and buy online!

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EASYceiling Plus

Acoustic ceiling element

  • Tailor-made deliverable
  • Aluminium frame
  • Available with lighting
EASYceiling Cloud - kaderloos plafondeiland

EASYceiling Cloud

Frameless ceiling element

  • Sleek appearance
  • Entirely frameless
  • Including adjustable cable hangers
Plafondpaneel Direct

EASYceiling Direct

Acoustic ceiling panel

  • Glueable
  • Straight edge or facet edge
  • Including assembly adhesive
Akoestisch plafondeiland

EASYceiling Cloud Circle

Frameless ceiling element

  • Round frameless ceiling elements
  • Available in several colours
  • Can be hung at any height

EASYindustry Ceiling

Acoustic ceiling element

  • For industrial application
  • Frame made of brute aluminium (not anodized)
  • Different suspension height possible
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager
Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist

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More about EASYceiling

What is the EASY ceiling element / island?

The EASY ceiling element is an acoustic ceiling solution. The EASY ceiling element is the most commonly chosen acoustic solution for reducing reverberation and echo. It is in fact a very strong sound absorbing panel / island, easy to install, and it has a competitive price.

This acoustic product is widely used in offices, schools, catering, healthcare and industry. It provides better intelligibility. More peace, concentration and well-being. It has excellent properties in terms of fire and moisture resistance.

How does the EASY ceiling  work?

The EASY ceiling element consists of glass wool in the base. This material has a high absorption value. In addition, acoustic islands are hung horizontally and suspended. This creates an air cavity between the ceiling and the island.

This ensures that the ceiling islands attenuate sound at both the top and bottom. The absorbent surface is thus increased. The size of the air cavity also determines the degree of attenuation. Even with a small air cavity, the islands have a high absorption capacity.

Where is the EASY ceiling used?

The acoustic ceiling island is used in many places. It is an ideal solution if a wall-to-wall solution is not possible. A good alternative to a suspended ceiling! The acoustic island can also be used in buildings with concrete core activation.

In many industrial offices, call centres, restaurants and other work environments the EASY ceiling island is often chosen. The EASY ceiling island lends itself perfectly to hanging between cable ducts and ventilation ducts. In this way, the industrial character remains intact.

The acoustic panel is also an efficient alternative in a workshop or industrial production environment. The EASY ceiling island can easily be suspended from a sheet pile ceiling, or a dovetailed ceiling.

And for all people with poor acoustics at home: the EASY ceiling island does not look out of place above the kitchen table or in the living room.

What variants are there?

EASY ceiling element: this standard ceiling island is framed with an aluminium profile. Available in white and various colours.
EASY ceiling element frameless: the name says it all, this island has no frame. The sides are painted. Available in White.

The ceiling elements are available with rigid cables (fixed suspension height) or adjustable cable hangers (variable setting). The hangers are attached to the profile. Frameless plugs are supplied with the EASY ceiling island. These knuckles are rotated in the island to which the hangers are attached.

Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager

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If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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