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The Swedish company Baux produces building materials based on the idea that these materials have to be both functional and strikingly beautiful. The company uses sustainable, environmental-friendly products. A great example are the acoustic building blocks by Baux that can be used to create a completely unique design.

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Baux Pulp - akoestisch wandpaneel



  • 100% biodegradable
  • Fire retardant and water repellent
  • Available per box of 6 pieces
from €119,00


Baux acoustic tiles

  • Many design possibilities
  • Firm, fire resistant and moisture resistant
  • Sustainable and environmental friendly
from €12,30
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager
Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist

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More about Baux

Baux was created by the Swedish design studio Form us with love. The process took about 8 years. Together with professionals, material experts and engineers they came to the current product range.

Baux was created to develop products that are beautiful and functional, but do not harm tomorrow’s environment. They want to develop products that have a long lifespan. By doing so, they want to help people take another small step towards a sustainable world.

In 2012 From Us With Love was named one of the 50 most influential designers of the future. In 2013, they received the annual ‘designer of the year’ award from the well-known Swedish magazine Elle Decoration.

Baux is available in different shapes such as checkered, stripes, curves, lines, diagonal and arches. The panels have been developed in such a way that they can be combined with each other. Because of this there are endless designs to come up with. This allows you to create your own design in your working environment. The ‘acoustic panels’ are assembled by using glue or magnets. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Baux acoustic wood tiles are unique because they are made of 100% recyclable wood wool cement.

The acoustic wood tiles have a certain PH-value which prevents moulds from nesting in the material, in addition the wood will not rot. The material is water resistant and evens out humidity by absorbing moisture from the air, but also repels it. Because of this it has a positive impact on the indoor climate.

The wood tiles also have a thermal function. They can also be used to save energy bills. This is because the wood wool stores heat from the environment and expels it when the temperature drops. Of course, the material is also fire resistant.

The emissions of the panels are very low. This makes Baux suitable for most environments. It is also no problem to clean the panels with a hoover. The material can withstand this very well.

Colour themes

The panels are available in five colour themes. This comes down to 20 different colours to choose from. We do not want to deprive you of the thought behind these themes:

Clouds: Light and dark colours. Light colours make the room feel bigger and brighter. Dark colours make a space refined and warm.

Woods: Green shades. This is considered the most tranquil colour for the eye.

Sky in the sea: Shades of blue. Blue can cause low blood pressure because it is relaxing and soothing.

Heat of the sun: Red shades bring tension and passion. Red has the effect of increasing adrenaline, which in turn increases blood pressure.

Earth and mountain: Orange shades. Orange awakens the energy and radiates enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Design and acoustics?

Design and acoustics. These two components are increasingly being combined. Acoustics are an essential part of the interior. It is not for nothing that many Scandinavian designers and designers deal with ‘acoustic products and sound absorbers’. In addition to Baux, we also offer the other Scandinavian acoustic brands. Think of Saint Gobain Ecophon, Glimakra and Abstracta.

Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist
ruben de visser, easy noise control, account manager

Ask the experts

If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

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