Product description

The VicTotem Ultra VMT from Vicoustic is an absorber, diffuser and bass trap in one. The element can be placed in any room and consists of three rotating modules.

The modules are finished on one side with wood (more diffuse). The other side is finished with a VMT design fabric (more absorption). The modules can be rotated separately in the desired direction. In this way you can adapt your element to the situation, application and type of music.

Both the wood and the VMT fabric are available in different colours. VicTotem Ultra VMT has a fixed size of 1845 x 595 x 366 mm.

– Absorbed in diffussion
– Flexible function by rotating elements
– Multiple colours and finishes


The VicTotem Ultra VMT from Vicoustic has a fixed size of (H x W x T): 1845 x 595 x 366 mm.


The VicTotem Ultra VMT panels are made of MDF (wood) on one side and available in eight different colours. The other side of the panels have a VMT (fabric) top layer and are available in six different colors. All three panels of the VicTotem VMT must have the same MDF colour on one side and the same VMT colour on the other side.

MDF colours:

VicTotem Ultra VMT - MDF kleuren

VMT colours:

VicTotem Ultra VMT - VMT kleuren


The VicTotem Ultra VMT comes with mounting accessories and is easy to install by hand. The installation manual can be found under the heading downloads.

Absorption value

VicTotem Ultra VMT absorption value

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Vicoustic | VicTotem Ultra VMT

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Freestanding absorber, diffuser and Bass Trap.

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