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Product description


The Flexi Wave Ultra from Vicoustic is available in two versions: Flexi Wave Ultra 595 and Flexi Wave Ultra 1190. The Flexi Wave Ultra 1190 is the complete panel with a length of 1190 mm. The Flexi Wave 595 is the half version with a length of 595 mm. Both versions have fixed dimensions.

Flexi Wave Ultra 595 (L x W x T): 595 x 100 x 150 mm
Flexi Wave Ultra 1190 (L x W x T): 1190 x 100 x 150 mm

Flexi Wave Ultra 595 dimensionsFlexi Wave Ultra 1190 dimensions


The Flexi Wave Ultra is made of VicPET wool, MDF and anti-scratch melamine.

Flexi Wave Ultra colours


The Flexi Wave Ultra panels should be fixed to the wall with the supplied mounting accessories. The installation manual can be found under the heading downloads.

Absorption values

Flexi Wave Ultra Absorption values

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