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Product description

The Soundwave Ennis is a lightweight acoustic panel with a unique design of the brand Offecct. The design is inspired by the concrete panels of the Ennis House by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Also the architect of the Guggenheim New York. By placing several panels next to each other it is possible to cover an entire wall.

The Soundwave Ennis provides good absorption of higher frequencies (500Hz). It is possible to fill the panel extra, so that low frequencies are also well absorbed.


The Soundwave Ennis acoustic wall panels are available in sizes (H x W x T): 585 x 585 x 60 mm.

Soundwave Ennis dimensions

Fabric and colour

The Soundwave Ennis panels are made of recyclable polyester fibres and are only available in the colour Offwhite.

Soundwave Ennis - offwhite


It is possible to order the Soundwave Ennis with extra padding, so that low frequencies are also well absorbed.


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Product sheet

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Offecct | Soundwave Ennis

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Acoustic wall panel with design of the famous Ennis House.

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