Product description

The Caimi Snowsound Flap is a very decorative solution for your acoustic problems. The Caimi Flap panels are sustainable, light and extremely thin. The panels are available in two dimensions: 47.5 x 59 cm and 65 x 80 cm. The Caimi Flap panels are sold per 2 units.

– Italian design
– Deliverable in 12 standard colours
– Snowsound technology


The Caimi Flap panels are available in the following colours:

Caimi Snowsound Flap colours

Noise absorption

The Caimi Flap is assessed as class A product in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 11654 standard.

Snowsound technology

By making use of panels that are composed of materials with different densities, the panel is capable of selective absorption of different frequencies. The Snowsound technology mainly aims at the mid and high frequencies and ensures, for example, an absorption of no less than 94% at 1250Hz. This mid-region contains the frequencies of the human voice which absorption is relevant to improve the acoustic climate in a space.

Caimi Snowsound technology


Polyester filling, covered with Polyester Trevira CS.

Fire resistance

The panel has Euro class classification B-s2, d0.

Environmental friendly

Both the outer fabric and the noise-absorbing inner lining of the Caimi Flap is completely recyclable.

Caimi Flap

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