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Product description

The Rockfon Eclipse is a high-quality acoustic element that you can hang loosely in the room. The element is sleek white and frameless. This makes it an attractive solution for different rooms.

You can hang the Eclipse at different heights from the ceiling. This allows you to create a sleek or playful acoustic ceiling.

Standard dimensions are 116 x 116 cm, 176 x 116 cm and 236 x 116 cm.


The Eclipse Rockfon is on the visible side in a sleek and smooth matt white color. The visible side (underside) has a light reflection of 87% and a light diffusion of 99%. The reverse side is finished with a mineral fleece and has a light reflection of 79%.

Other NCS colours on request.


In addition to the Rockfon Eclipse Rectangle and Square, the Rockfon acoustic elements are also available in other forms (on request).

– Circle
– Triangle
– hexagon
– Oval


The Rockfon Eclipse can be used in many situations to reduce reverberation. Think about it:

– Offices
– Schools
– Call centres
– Practices
– Restaurants / cafes
– Hotels
– Meeting rooms
– Homes


Rockfon Eclipse installation is relatively simple. Basically you hang the element from 4 or 6 points from the ceiling. We supply 4 or 6 adjustable cable hangers (depending on the size of the element). The cable hangers can be screwed directly to the ceiling. For the element you get spiral anchors supplied to rotate into the element. The element is hung from these spiral anchors on the cable hangers.

We do not supply screws and plugs for assembly. This depends on the surface of the ceiling. For more information, see the Rockfon Eclipse Installation Guide in the downloads.

Absorption value

Rockfon Eclipse absorption value

Minimum purchase

The Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands are sold per set:

Rockfon Eclipse Square 116 x 116 cm: per 4 pieces
Rockfon Eclipse Rectangle 176 x 116 cm: per 2 pieces
Rockfon Eclipse Rectangle 236 x 116 cm: per 2 pieces


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.


Product sheet

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