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Product description


The Pyracoustic melamine foam circle is available in two diameters with two different thicknesses.

Dimensions (Ø x D): 
60 x 5 cm
60 x 10 cm
120 x 5 cm
120 x 10 cm


The Pyracoustic Circles are available in white and grey.


In addition to the above dimensions, customization is possible on request:
– Diameter: on request between 60 and 120 cm.
– Thickness: any thickness is possible

Processing and assembly

Melamine foam is very sensitive to conditions and can therefore exhibit elongation / shrinkage. It is recommended that this product is always allowed to acclimatize for three days in the room where you want to apply it before mounting the product.

– Do not mount melamine foam panels against each other.
– When mounting the panels it is best to use clean gloves to keep the panels as beautiful as possible. It is a type of foam, and therefore sensitive to dust, moisture and dirt.
– Make sure the surface is clean, dry and grease-free before applying the product.
– Attention: the adhesive layer is very strong and after application the board cannot be positioned any further.

Fire safety

This product has been tested and has a fire safety DIN 4102: B1 and remains stable up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.


– Humidity affects melamine foam. Tolerances: At 100% humidity there is a maximum dimensional change of +/- 5%.
– There may be cavities, unevenness in the foam. Tolerances: maximum 10 cavities per m2 and cavities must not exceed 15 mm.


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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