Product description

Pyracoustic Cylinders are acoustic ceiling objects, also known as cylinder baffles, for reducing reverberation in a room. By hanging cylinders in the room you not only improve the acoustics, but also give the room a special appearance.

Pyracoustic Cylinders are made of melamine foam. This makes them lightweight, fire resistant and has good sound absorption values. This product is available in the colours dark grey and light grey.

– Lightweight
– Available in several colours
– Including assembly supplies


The Pyracoustic cylinders have a fixed diameter of 150 mm and are available in two different lengths:

Dimensions (Ø x L)
150 x 600 mm
150 x 1200 mm


The Pyracoustic melamine foam cylinder is available as standard in the colours dark grey and light grey.


The Pyracoustic melamine foam cylinders should be suspended lengthwise from the ceiling using the screwed-in plug and hook and the hangers supplied. These hangers are available in different sizes. Screws and plugs are not included with this product.

Fire safety

This product has been tested and certified as B1 class according to the DIN 4102 standard and remains stable up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.


– Humidity affects melamine foam. Tolerances: At 100% humidity there is a maximum dimensional change of +/- 5%.
– There may be cavities, unevenness in the foam. Tolerances: maximum 10 cavities per m2 and cavities must not exceed 15 mm.

Pyracoustic | Melamine foam Cylinder

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Lightweight melamine foam cylinders.

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