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Polyester wool leftovers can be used in various acoustic applications such as cavity filling or acoustic filling in wall and ceiling panels. Polyester wool has excellent absorption properties and is highly fire-resistant. Polyester wool is also very skin-friendly and resistant to ageing. Polyester wool scraps have a density of 30 kg/m3 and a thickness of 45 mm.

The leftover pieces can be ordered per square metre and are supplied in random and varying dimensions.

Note: Scraps can be slightly soiled or damaged. This makes them particularly suitable for invisible application (as filling).

– Can be used as panel or cavity insulation
– Insensitive to moisture
– Fireproof

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– Acoustic material for incorporation into wall panels
– Acoustic material for cavity filling pre-walls
– Sound absorption for behind perforated ceiling systems
– Sound absorption for stretch ceilings

Fire safety

Fire retardant according to EN 13501:2002 class B
Smoke development in case of fire EN 13501:2002 class S1
Droplet formation in case of fire EN 13501:2002 class d0


EASYpol is made of thermally bonded polyester fibres. These fibres are very strong and therefore resistant to ageing. Tests in a climate chamber show that the product still looks the same after 10 years. EASYpol Polyester wool white consists of approx. 67% recycled PET bottles. Furthermore, EASYpol is 100% recyclable.

Acoustic value

Alpha-w 0,9. Documentation on request.

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation value of this product is approx. 0.035 lambda.


– To be cut with sharp insulating knife or stanley knife or Bosch GSG300
– Excellent for water cutting or punching

Glue with Extreme Tack.

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Polyester wool leftovers have a density of 30 kg/m3 and a thickness of 45 mm. The rest pieces can only be ordered per square metre and are supplied in random dimensions.

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