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Product description

A complete acoustic meeting place and workplace: The LimbusBarn. This completely new concept is inspired by the soothing cottages in Lapland. The ‘acoustic house’ gives more security, privacy and peace in an open office for consultation.

The LimbusBarn can be used as a ‘creative setting’ within your working environment. This concept fits in perfectly with ‘activity-based working’. The LimbusBarn is available in two different sizes. The LimbusBarn 300 has a wooden floor integrated, the LimbusBarn 270 has no floor! You have a choice of different colours and fabrics. Online we offer this product in the fabric Cara, other fabrics on request.

– Complete acoustic concept can be placed freestanding in a room
– Calming and well thought-out design
– Choice of multiple colours

Dimensions and designs

The LimbusBarn by Glimakra has two different versions, each with a fixed size. The LimbusBarn 300 is the standard version and the LimbusBarn 270 is a slightly narrower and lower version of the Limbusbarn 300.

LimbusBarn 300 (inlcuding floor): 2366 (W) x 2300 (L) x 2945 (H) mm. 400 kg. The LimbusBarn 300 comes with a socket and wooden floor in ash. Including hook to hang lamp. Delivery without lamp.

LimbusBarn 270: 2209 (W) x 2300 (L) x 2640 (H) mm. 250 kg

LimbusBarn 300 dimensionsLimbusBarn 270 dimensions

Fabric and colours

Both the LimbusBarn 300 and the LimbusBarn 270 are available online in the fabric Cara with a choice of multiple colors. Other fabrics and colours as shown in the product sheet are available on request.

LimbusBarn Cara colours


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