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Product description

This chair does what it promises: it is suitable to make telephone calls! Thanks to Ruud van de Wier’s smart design, the noise in the chair is highly dampened. This allows for making telephone calls in all tranquillity and comfort even in a busy space. In turn, the environment is not troubled by the telephone conversation. The design of the FirstCall telephone chair is aimed at short telephone conversations.

– Noise in the chair is highly dampened
– Call in all tranquillity in busy environment
– Available in several design fabrics


The telephone chair is aimed at short telephone conversations. That is the reason why there has not been opted for a lazy chair in which you can doze off or a chair you don’t want to get out of. It really is a chair in which you easily take a seat for a short telephone conversation.

This FirstCall is particularly suitable at departments where people are not constantly on the telephone. Suitable locations are (among other things) office spaces, waiting rooms, showrooms, shops and public areas such as airports and/or fairs.


  • Height: 150 cm
  • Width: 88 cm
  • Depth: 92 cm
  • Seating height: 42 cm
  • Step height: 86 cm
  • Maximum inner height: 105 cm
  • Depth of seating surface: 56 cm

All dimensions are approximates


The chair can be delivered with matching wall panels for additional dampening; for example in the same fabric with a different colour tone. By setting the speech direction towards the wall panel, even more effective dampening takes place at the source.

Fabrics / colours

The FirstCall is available in fabrics: Uniform Mélange, Apparel and Razzle Dazzle. For each fabric there is a choice of multiple colours.

FirstCall telephone chair fabrics

See here the colours of the fabrics: Uniform Mélange, Apparel en Razzle Dazzle.

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VREE | FirstCall telephone chair

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Acoustic chair that offers peace and comfort to make phone calls.

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