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Ecosorb is a sustainable acoustic product with excellent noise-absorbing properties. With a density of 45 kg/m3, this product has an absorption coefficient of 0.95. Ecosorb is dimensionally stable, flexible and strong. The composition is very consistent. Ecosorb consists for 85% of recycled fabric (the other 15% are binding fibres). There is no other insulation material with such large share of recycled fibres. Ecosorb improves your acoustics in a sustainable manner. Dimensions of the panels± 120 x 60 cm.

– Sustainable
– Consists for 85% of recycled fabric
– Flexible, dimensionally stable and very strong

Properties Ecosorb

– Flexible and yet dimensionally stable and very strong
– Can be easily cut to size

Applications Ecosorb

– Acoustic material for processing into wall panels
– Noise absorption behind perforated ceiling systems
– Noise absorption for stretch ceilings

Absorption value

Ecosorb has an absorption coefficient of 0.95 at a density of 45 kg/m3.

Fire resistance

Euro-class B


Ecosorb has a soft feel and does not cause itching and irritations as may be the case for some other products. This makes it a pleasant product to process. In addition, the product does not release inhalable fibres.

Processing fabric into Ecosorb panels

Larger companies have the possibility to collect old clothing from employees and to have these recycled into Ecosorb panels. These panels can then be applied to several acoustic solutions. This way you, as a company, are able to improve the acoustics within you company in a very sustainable manner. Contact us for more information.

Absorption value

αw 20 mm: 0,50
αw 45 mm: 0,95

Below is the absorption graph of Ecosorb thickness 45 mm.

Ecosorb absorption value

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Ecosorb is a durable acoustic product with excellent sound-absorbing properties.

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