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Product description

The Ecophon Gedina A and E are especially developed to serve as highly functional, suspended acoustic system ceiling. The panels are constructed of glass wool with a high density. The visible side of the panel is finished with Akutex T coating and the back of the panel is provided with glass fleece.

– Suitable as suspended system ceiling
– Two types of panels
– Based on glass wool

Ecophon Gedina A and Ecophon Gedina E

The difference between Gedina A and E is reflected in the different frames and panels:

– Gedina A is mounted into a visible frame during which the panels are nearly placed against each other.
– Gedina E is also mounted into a visible frame but this frame is in a deepened position between the panels. Because the framework is deepened, the shadow causes a slight relief effect.

The figure explains the difference between Type A and Type E schematically (the dimensions are in millimetres):

Schematische weergave type en maat


Both types are deliverable in two frames: 1.5 and 2,4 centimetres wide. This width concerns the visible part of the frame onto which the panels are positioned. The following sizes are deliverable for both types of panels: 60 x 60 cm, 120 x 60 cm and 120 x 120 cm. The panels have a width of 1.5 cm.


The panels are deliverable in white.

General characteristics

– The Ecophone Gedina panels are constructed of glass wool with a high density
– The visible side is finished with Akutex T coating and the back is provided with glass fleece
– The sides have a layer of primer
– The weight is approximately 2,5 kg/m².


The panels are sold per box only. The content of a box differs per type:

Type A: 120 x 120 cm: 8 pieces. (11,52 m2)
Type A: 120 x 60 cm: 20 pieces. (14,4 m2)
Type A: 60 x 60 cm: 40 pieces. (14,4 m2)
Type E: 120 x 120 cm: 10 pieces. (14,4 m2)
Type E: 120 x 60 cm: 16 pieces. (11,52 m2)
Type E: 60 x 60 cm: 26 pieces. (9,36 m2)

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