Product description

EASYpol is made of polyester wool and has excellent absorbing properties as well as good fire resistant properties. In addition, this product is highly resistant to ageing and is very skin-friendly meaning it is extremely suitable to be processed into all kinds of acoustic applications. EASYpol polyester wool is available in white and in black. This product is also used as absorption material in our EASYphoto photo panels.

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– Very long lifespan
– Insensitive to moisture
– Fire resistant


– Acoustic material to be processed into wall panels
– Noise absorption applied behind perforated ceiling systems
– Noise absorption for stretch ceilings

Fire resistance

EASYpol is extremely fire resistant and can be applied nearly everywhere. The material is compliant with the following standards:

Fire retardant according to EN 13501:2002 class B
Smoke development in case of a fire according to EN 13501:2002 class S1
Drop formation in case of a fire according to EN 13501:2002 class d0

Note: the D20-version is standard delivered according to this fire class. Other versions upon request.


EASYpol is made of thermally bonded polyester fibres. These fibres are very strong and therefore highly resistant to ageing. Tests in the climate chamber show that the product still looks almost the same after 10 years. EASYpol Polyester wool white consists of approx. 67% recycled PET bottles and EASYpol Polyester wool black consists of approx. 22% recycled PET bottles. In addition, EASYpol is 100% recyclable.


EASYpol polyester wool has a soft touch and does not cause itching and irritation which may be the case for some other products. This makes the product easy to process. Another advantage is that the product does not release inhalable fibres.

Absorption value

EASYpol polyester wool absorption value
EASYpol polyester wool absorption value

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation value of this product is approx. 0.035 lambda.

Other properties

– EASYpol is very moisture resistant; it does not absorb moisture; water is simply running through the material.
– EASYpol is UV-resistant and does not discolour due to sunlight.


– To be cut with sharp insulation or utility knife or Bosch GSG300
– Extremely suitable for water jet cutting or punching


The following customisation options are available for this product:
– We are able to deliver this product in deviating thicknesses and densities
– We are able to deliver this product in deviating sizes
– We are able to deliver this product in custom-cut parts (punching / water jet cutting)


Product sheet

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