Product description

EASYpol polysester wool can be used in a variety of acoustic applications. The sheets we offer on this page have a different size from our standard sheets EASYpol polyester wool. . Of course you can also order other sizes from us on the regular product page: EASYpol polyester wool

You can use them for cavity filling, filling for panels. Or simply as an absorbent plate against a surface to muffle sound.

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– As an acoustic material for the processing of wall panels.
– Sound absorption for suspended ceilings.

Fire safety

EASYpol polyester wool is highly fire resistant and can be used almost anywhere. The material meets the following standards:

Fire retardant according to EN 13501:2002 class B
Smoke formation in the event of fire: EN 13501:2002 Class S1
Drop formation in the event of fire EN 13501:2002 class d0

Thermal insulation

The thermal insulation value of EASYpol polyester wool is approx. 0.035 lambda.

Other properties

– EASYpol polyester wool is highly moisture resistant and does not absorb moisture. Water simply runs through the material.
– EASYpol polyester wool is UV-resistant and does not discolour under sunlight

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