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EASYfoam | FireSeal

Brandveilig akoestisch schuim

Product description

EASYfoam FireSeal is a flexible open-cell polyurethane foam. Thanks to the high density (90 kg/m3), this product is not only noise-absorbing but also noise-insulating. EASYfoam FireSeal is resistant to high air velocities (>50m/s). Moreover, this product is insensitive to most bacteria and fungi.

  • Fire resistant
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Noise-insulating because of the high density (90 kg/m3)

Fire resistance

EASYfoam FireSeal is fire resistant according to EN13501 class B-s1, d0.


EASYfoam FireSeal is perfectly suitable for, among other things:

– Technical spaces
– Air treatment units
– Cabin construction
– Air ducts
– Yacht and vehicle construction

Contrary to most polyester foams and polyether foams, EASYfoam FireSeal is suitable to be used in public spaces thanks to the excellent fire resistant properties.

Absorption values

Fireseal absorption values
Fireseal absorption values


Het is niet mogelijk om bepaalde eigenschappen of geschiktheid van onze producten te garanderen in een specifieke toepassing. Raadpleeg onze aanvullende voorwaarden of neem contact op met ons.


This product can be cut to size using a utility knife or band saw. The surface has to be clean, dry, dustless and greaseproof for a proper adhesion of the self-adhesive layer. Press the product firmly and evenly to avoid air inclusions. If the surface is rough and/or uneven, it first has to be pretreated on one side with MKD Extreme Tack contact adhesive in order for us to be able to guarantee proper adhesion.

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