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EASYfoam FireSeal PU is a flexible open cell polyurethane foam with a moisture and oil resistant PU top layer. The FireSeal PU has a sound-insulating effect due to its specific weight of 90 kg per m3. In addition, the Fireseal PU has a low sound-absorbing effect (of 30%). If you are looking for a variant with a high absorption value, we recommend the regular Fireseal or Fireseal HR.

The Fireseal PU is suitable for use in motor and machine rooms.

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Fire safey

EASYfoam FireSeal PU is fire resistant according to EN13501 class B-s1, d0.


– Cut to size using a utility knife or band saw.
– The surface has to be clean, dry, dustless and greaseproof to ensure proper adhesion of the self-adhesive layer. If the surface is rough or uneven, it first has to be pretreated on one side with contact adhesive in order for us to be able to guarantee proper adhesion.
– If you choose a non self-adhesive version, we recommend contact adhesive based on neoprene rubber.


– Engine rooms (boat & vehicles)
– Machines
– Power packs and aggregates

Absorption value

Fireseal PU absorption value


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

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PU polyurethaanschuim



  • Black PU top layer
  • Oil and moisture resistant
  • Self-adhesive
v.a. €15,18
EASYfoam FireSeal



  • Fire resistant
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • Noise-insulating because of the high density (90 kg/m3)
v.a. €4,94
Schalldämmende und Schallabsorbierende Akustikplatte


FireSeal HR

  • CE-certified
  • Fire resistant
  • Reinforced glass fibre top layer
v.a. €23,66

EASYfoam | Fireseal PU

v.a. 14,79 excl. BTW

Fireproof acoustic foam with moisture and oil resistant top layer.

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