Product description

The EASYfloor noise insulating floor is a professional floating floor system. It is used for noise nuisance that comes from top to bottom and vice versa. EASYfloor reduces both impact sound and airborne noise. It also has a thermal function.

The EASYfloor consists of three parts: felt edge strips, vibration-damping, environmentally friendly coconut mats and plaster-bound cover plates. We supply EASYfloor as a do-it-yourself product. This floating floor is easy to install yourself.


EASYfloor has been specifically developed for light floor constructions such as wooden floors. It is also applied to concrete floors. The most common floor coverings are applied directly to the cover plates. With a construction height of 18 mm, height loss is kept to a minimum. In addition to its noise insulating function, the EASYfloor also has a thermal function.

Impact noise insulation

Impact noise such as footsteps are insulated by the springy effect of the coconut mats. Impact sound insulation is up to a maximum of 13 dB. Further specifications can be found in the product sheet.

Airborne sound insulation

Airborne sounds such as voices, music, etc. are insulated by the combination of the resilient coconut mats and the heavy cover plates (approx. 23 kg/m2). On a wooden floor, the improvement in airborne sound insulation is 5 to 7 dB. In addition, airborne sound insulation is reversible. Noise from top to the floor below as well as from the floor below to the floor above is reduced. Further specifications can be found in the product sheet.


EASYfloor is made up of Nevidek products from our partner Nevima BV and consists of the following components:

– coconut plate (as underlay)
– gypsum fibreboard (as screed)
– edge strips to place the floor contact-free from the wall
– glue
Gypsum fibreboard screws are not included with this product.

Delivery and installation

EASYfloor is supplied on the base of your floor area, you get exactly the right quantities you order. Because of its weight, EASYfloor is delivered on pallets which are unloaded by the driver in front of the door at street level. In case of an order, you will be contacted by telephone within one working day to make a delivery appointment and discuss the quantities. It is also possible to pick up the materials from our warehouse in De Meern (near Utrecht). We advise you to contact us in advance about the current stock.

Consult the installation instructions for the placement of EASYfloor.

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