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Product description

EASYfabric Workspace are set-ups of upholstered acoustic desk screens. This solution is used as a partition between desks. This is a frequently chosen solution in open-plan offices. It ensures more privacy and concentration.

There are five standard set-ups available in various sizes. The screens are made of 40 mm birch plywood, filled with recycled cotton and finished with the durable fabric MoVe. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice.
The screens have a standard thickness of 58 mm.

– Upholstered acoustic screens
– Choice of five set-ups and multiple sizes
– Available in 30 different colours


The EASYfabric Workspace is available in five different set-ups: L, U, X, T and H set-up. In a four or six desk layout, the T and H configurations can be extended to form a TT, TTT, HH and HHH set-up. The screens are fitted with connectors for this purpose.

Desk size

The dimensions of the EASYfabric Workspace are based on standard desk sizes. The desk therefore fits well between the screens. The desk usually has one of the following desk sizes.

Desk size (L x W):
1600 x 800 / 900 / 1000 mm
1800 x 800 / 900 / 1000 mm
2000 x 800 / 900 / 1000 mm

Do you have a different desk size? Please contact us for a customised solution.


The EASYfabric Workspace is available in two heights: 1250 and 1400 mm. From an acoustic point of view, 1400 mm is the best option, as the screen then protrudes sufficiently above the desk. It therefore blocks sound better.

Type of rear panel / rear panels

The rear panel of the EASYfabric Workspace is available as a standing panel (to the floor) or a floating panel for all configurations. The exception is the L-arrangement, which is not available with a floating panel. With the X & T set-up, the floating panel stands on one or two posts with a fixed height of 600 mm.


The EASYfabric Workspace is available in 30 colours. It is possible to have the rear panels and the side panels in different colours. If you want the inside and outside in a different colour, please contact us.

Absorption value

The EASYfabric Workspace has an absorption class of: A/NRC value 0.95.

Fire safety

The EASYfabric Workspace is fireproof according to Euroclass A2.

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EASYfabric Workspace | Acoustic screen

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An acoustic set-up of upholstered acoustic screens. Available in 30 colours.

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