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EASY | EASY blinds

Acoustic louvres based on 100% pure wool

Product description

The EASY blinds improve the acoustics in a space thanks to the noise-absorbing properties. In addition, the blinds contribute to the design of the space. The EASY blinds are extremely suitable to be used as visual partition between two workspaces in, for example, a call centre. This creates more privacy and people get the feeling of having their “own” workspace.

  • Made of 100% pure wool
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Colour stable and fire resistant


The EASY blinds have a dimension of 198 x 14 cm each. The blinds are sold per set of four including support bar. The blinds are attached to the support bar by means of two strings per blind.


All colours in which the EASY blinds can be delivered are displayed here. The blinds fit into virtually every interior thanks to the many colours in which the EASY blinds can be delivered.

Properties felt

The felt of the EASY blinds is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to 110°C and is extremely colour stable. In addition, the felt is non-flammable and dirt and water repellent. As wool felt is a natural material, small colour and thickness deviations are possible.

Maintenance instructions

Liquids are not easily absorbed thanks to the natural wool fat and the density of the felt. Should the blinds still come into contact with liquid, carefully absorb the liquid with an absorbing cloth from the surface. Use the vacuum cleaner for the daily maintenance (at a low speed). Have wet spots dry first prior to the cleaning. The dried spot can then be cleaned carefully using a cloth or soft brush and water. Finish with a clean absorbing cloth. If this treatment is not sufficient, ask a qualified cleaning company for advice.

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