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EASYphoto | Wall - acoustic wall

Wall-filling acoustic photo panel with a picture of your choice

Product description

The EASYphoto Wall is an acoustic wall solution covering the entire wall with an image or design of your own choice. This complete wall is a very aesthetic solution to prevent reverberation. The EASYphoto Wall is 50 mm thick and is provided with EASYpol absorption material. Every image can be used, provided the resolution is high enough.

– Tailor-made deliverable
– Complete wall solution
– Print or image of your own choice


The EASYphoto Wall is available in any size you prefer. One of both sides of the EASYphoto Wall has a maximum dimension of 300 cm, no limit applies to the other side. The calculation model below can only be used for an EASYphoto Wall with a maximum ratio of 2:1. Please contact us to inquire about an EASYphoto Wall with a higher ratio.

Sending picture

Any image you may have should preferably be sent to us at info@easy-noisecontrol.nl using www.wetransfer.com. This program is extremely suitable to send large files.

What can I print onto the canvas?

– Any picture you desire. You are responsible for the use of a “free of rights” image. You can send your picture through the post or by using www.wetransfer.com.
– It is also possible to use “free of rights” stock pictures, available through the website of 123RF.

Revocation right

The revocation right does not apply to this product as it is composed based on customer specifications.

Absorption value

The EASYphoto Wall is provided with 50 mm thick EASYpol absorption material. The applicable acoustic values are as follows:


€ 140 per piece excl. VAT
€ 169,40 per piece incl. VAT
Delivery time approx. 2 weeks


Product sheet PDF

Ask the experts

If you want more insight into the current acoustic situation, you can request a measurement on location.

Ask for advice
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Ruben de Visser
Acoustics specialist

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