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Product description

The BuzziTwist is a very striking acoustic room divider, which stands free in the room. The room divider is composed of two layers of Sliced BuzziFelt and has a core of felt. Besides a sound absorbing effect, the BuzziTwist also provides more privacy in the space. With a choice of colours you can compose the BuzziTwist according to your wishes. Supplied with four wooden feet as standard.

– Increases privacy in the room
– Available in many colours
– Based on 100% recyclable ecological felt


The BuzziTwist is available in two heights: 120 cm and 150 cm. The room divider is 250 cm long and 1.2 cm thick.


Tegen een meerprijs is het mogelijk om de voor- en achterkant te voorzien van een andere kleur stof. Neem hiervoor contact met ons op.


BuzziTwist Sliced BuzziFelt colours

BuzziSpace | BuzziTwist

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Acoustic room divider, composed of two layers of Sliced BuzziFelt with a felt core.

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Sliced BuzziFelt - Colibri Colibri
Sliced BuzziFelt - Grass Grass
Sliced BuzziFelt - Jane Jane
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Anthracite OffWhite | Antracite
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Curry OffWhite | Curry
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-EcoBrown OffWhite | EcoBrown
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Jeans OffWhite | Jeans
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-LightBlue OffWhite | LightBlue
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Lime OffWhite | Lime
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Mokka OffWhite | Mokka
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Orange OffWhite | Orange
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Pink
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-Red OffWhite | Red
Sliced BuzziFelt - OffWhite-StoneGrey OffWhite | StoneGrey
Sliced BuzziFelt - Savannah Savannah
Sliced BuzziFelt - Sigma Sigma
Sliced BuzziFelt - Toendra Toendra
Sliced BuzziFelt - Tukan Tukan
Sliced BuzziFelt - Zebra Zebra
BuzziFelt Anthracite Anthracite
BuzziFelt Jeans Jeans
BuzziFelt StoneGrey StoneGrey
BuzziFelt LightBlue LightBlue
BuzziFelt EcoBrown EcoBrown
BuzziFelt Mokka Mokka
BuzziFelt OffWhite OffWhite
BuzziFelt Curry Curry
BuzziFelt Red Red
BuzziFelt Orange Orange
BuzziFelt Pink Pink
BuzziFelt Lime Lime
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