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Product description

The BuzziHood allows for undisturbed telephone calls in a noisy space. The simple, beautiful design is accentuated by the colourful fabrics in which it can be delivered. The BuzziHood creates the ideal combination of function and design, suitable for every office and house. BuzziHood is a product by BuzziSpace.

– Undisrupted phone calls
– Colourful fabrics
– 100% ecological felt


The BuzziHood can be delivered in two types of material and is made in both cases of recycled material.

– The material Buzzifabric consists of 70% wool, 25% polyacrylic and for 5% of another material.

– The material Buzzirough consists for 100% of polyacrylic.

It is also possible to have the BizziHood executed in two colours at a surcharge. Contact us for more information.


BuzziFabric colours


The Buzzihood is available in ”flat” and ”3D” finishes. There is also the option for a table. This is horizontally in the wooden version and angled in the metal version.

BuzziHood - options


It is not possible to guarantee certain properties or suitability of our products in a specific application. Please consult our additional conditions or contact us.

BuzziSpace | BuzziHood

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Akoestisch wandelement voor een rustig telefoongesprek.

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BuzziFabric LightGrey LightGrey
BuzziFabric Black Black
BuzziFabric Midgrey MidGrey
BuzziFabric Darkbrown Darkbrown
BuzziFabric Taupe Taupe
BuzziFabric Rust Rust
BuzziFabric Shitake Shitake
BuzziFabric Dolphin Dolphin
BuzziFabric Kiezel Kiezel
BuzziFabric Silver Silver
BuzziFabric Beige Beige
BuzziFabric Naturel Naturel
BuzziFabric Ivory Ivory
BuzziFabric Violet Violet
BuzziFabric Purple Purple
BuzziFabric Aubergine Aubergine
BuzziFabric Prune Prune
BuzziFabric Pink Pink
BuzziFabric Fuchsia Fuchsia
BuzziFabric Lila Lila
BuzziFabric Navy Navy
BuzziFabric Blue Blue
BuzziFabric Indigo Indigo
BuzziFabric Petrol Petrol
BuzziFabric LightBlue LightBlue
BuzziFabric Aqua Aqua
BuzziFabric OceanBlue OceanBlue
BuzziFabric Electric Electric
BuzziFabric Azure Azure
BuzziFabric Mint Mint
BuzziFabric Bottle Bottle
BuzziFabric Olive Olive
BuzziFabric Army Army
BuzziFabric Pistache Pistache
BuzziFabric Grass Grass
BuzziFabric Jade Jade
BuzziFabric Red Red
BuzziFabric Fire Fire
BuzziFabric Mandarin Mandarin
BuzziFabric Orange Orange
BuzziFabric Autumn Autumn
BuzziFabric Camel Camel
BuzziFabric Mustard Mustard
BuzziFabric Yellow Yellow
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