Product description

The BuzziCee by BuzziSpace is a sound absorbing seat in the shape of the letter ”C”. The symmetrical curved shape of the BuzziCee allows colleagues to hold informal meetings or to sit separately. The BuzziCee has a fixed size of 193 cm diameter and 46 cm height. Online the BuzziCee is available in BuzziFabric with a choice of 44 colours. Other fabrics and colours are available on request.

– Eye-catching design
– Available in several colours
– Sound absorbing


The BuzziCee is available in one fixed size.

Ø outer dimension: 193 cm
Ø inner dimension: 93 cm
Height: 46 cm


The BuzziCee is available online in the fabric: BuzziFabric, with a choice of 44 different colours. Other fabrics and colours are available on request.


The BuzziCee is delivered standard with black plastic feet.

Absorption value

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BuzziSpace | BuzziCee

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BuzziCee is a sound absorbing seating element by BuzziSpace.

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