Product description

The development of the BuzziBooth has resulted in the possibility to call and work in all tranquillity in a noisy space. The design, inspired by the telephone booth, is deliverable in many colours and is guaranteed to stand out in your space. The BuzziBooth is deliverable in a sitting or standing function. BuzziBooth is a product by BuzziSpace and is made of 100% recyclable ecological felt.

– Acoustic telephone booth
– Sitting or standing function
– Based on ecological felt

Sitting down or standing up?

The BuzziBooth is available in two heights giving you the choice between standing up or sitting down in a BuzziBooth. The BuzziBooth with sitting function is 215 cm at its highest point, the BuzziBooth with standing function is measuring 233 cm at its highest point.


BuzziBooth seating function (W x H x D): 129 x 215 x 120 cm

BuzziBooth standing function (W x H x D): 129 x 233 x 120 cm


BuzziBooth is available on the inside in the finishes: 3D Rib or 3D Diamond.

BuzziBooth - Finishing

Colours and materials

The BuzziBooth can be delivered in two types of material and is in all cases completely made of recycled material.

– The material Buzzifabric consists of 70% wool, 25% polyacrylic and for 5% of another material.

– The material BuzziBooth consists for 100% of polyacrylic.

It is also possible to have the BuzziBooth executed in multiple colours at a surcharge. Contact us for more information.


Kleuren BuzziFabric

BuzziFabric - colours

Kleuren BuzziRough

BuzziRough - colours

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The development of the BuzziBooth has resulted in the possibility to call and work in all tranquillity in a noisy…

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