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Product description

The Pulp is a 100% biodegradable acoustic wall panel from Baux. It is made of cellulose / pulp from Swedish pine trees and recycled water. In addition, it consists of wheat bran, potato starch, vegetable waxes and citrus peelings. These are added for colour, binding, structure and fire resistance. So no chemicals have been added.

The Pulp is available in three different versions / structures: Energy, Pulse and Sense. Each version has a fixed size of 100 x 50 cm.

The colour of the panels is determined by the percentage of wheat bran added during production. There is a choice of 0%, 5% and 30% wheat bran. The panels must be glued to the wall. Glue should be purchased separately. We recommend using our High-Tack adhesive for this purpose. The Pulp panels are only sold per box of 6 pieces with the same structure.

– 100% biodegradable
– Fire retardant and water repellent
– Available per box of 6 pieces

Dimensions and designs

The Baux Pulp is available in three different versions: Energy, Pulse and Sense. All three versions are available in a fixed size of (H x W): 100 x 50 cm. You buy them per pack of 6 pieces.

Baux Pulp - designs


The colours for the Pulp are created by using different percentages of wheat bran, with no further chemicals added. The percentages of wheat bran to choose from are: 0%, 5% or 30%.Baux Pulp - colours

Absorption values

Baux Pulp - Absorption values

Other properties

– Fire resistant according to: EN 13823 EN ISO 11925-2 – class D
– Water-repellent
– 100% bio-based and eco-friendly


The Baux Pulp panels should be glued to the wall. The glue is not supplied with the panels and must be ordered separately. We recommend using our High Tack adhesive. Free of isocyanate, solvent and silicone. This kit has a very low emission and is certified according to EMICODE EC1 PLUS.

The installation manual can be found under the heading downloads.

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