Product description

The acoustic tiles by Baux are made of a combination of wood and cement. The wood fibres ensure noise absorption and the cement ensures the firmness, fire resistance and moisture resistance. The Baux tiles are versatile, sustainable and environmental friendly. Thanks to the different shapes and colours, the Baux acoustic tiles offer many design possibilities. We are happy to assist in creating such design.

– Many design possibilities
– Firm, fire resistant and moisture resistant
– Sustainable and environmental friendly


By alternating shape, size and colour, a unique design can be created. The 3D Pixel is available in one fixed size with three different thicknesses. The other six shapes are available in small and large sizes.


3D pixels
290 x 290 x 25 mm
290 x 290 x 50 mm
290 x 290 x 70 mm

Small tile
Circle: 290 x 290 x 25 mm
Hexagon: 290 x 250 x 25 mm
Parallelogram: 290 x 580 x 25
Rectangle: 290 x 580 x 25 mm
Square: 290 x 290 x 25 mm
Triangle: 290 x 290 x 25 mm

Large tile
Circle: 580 x 580 x 25 mm
Hexagon: 580 x 500 x 25 mm
Parallelogram: 580 x 1160 x 25 mm
Rectangle: 580 x 1160 x 25 mm
Square: 580 x 580 x 25 mm
Triangle: 580 x 580 x 25 mm



The Baux acoustic tiles can be glued or fastened by means of magnets. These magnets are attached to the back of the tiles. The tiles are mounted after thin metals sheets have been placed against the ceiling or on the wall. Contact us for more information about this fastening mechanism.

Absorption value


The Aoucstic Tiles by Baux are made of environmentally friendly, recyclable material consisting of wood wool, cement and water. The natural components combine to provide many functional properties.

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Baux | Baux acoustic tiles

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Sound absorbing elements based on wood fibres and cement.

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